Updated: mar. 28 novembre 2023

Research interests

My research concerns lattice based cryptography. More specifically, I am interested in algorithmic questions related to algebraic lattices (i.e., algorithms for computing short vectors, relations between different algorithmic problems, relations between different algebraic structures...). Occasionally, I can also be interested in cryptanalysis of candidate obfuscators.




PhD thesis

Title: On ideal lattices and the GGH13 multilinear map, under the supervision of Damien Stehlé.

Manuscript and slides: [manuscript][slides of the defense]

Code: [Chapter 3][Chapter 4][Chapter 5][Chapter 6]

Talks in 2022 and 2023

For older talks, see here

Workshops and Summer schools


  • Theoretical hardness of NTRU. RISC seminar, CWI, Amsterdam, February 2023. [slides]
  • NTRU vs (more) standard lattice problems. London-ish Lattice Coding & Crypto Meetings, London, December 2022. [slides]
  • Rigorous computation of class group and unit group. Joint ENSL/CWI/RHUL online seminar, online, June 2022. [slides]
  • Rigorous computation of class group and unit group. Lfant seminar, Bordeaux, May 2022. [slides]
  • On the hardness of the NTRU problem. Crypto seminar, ENS Paris, Paris, April 2022.
  • On the hardness of the NTRU problem. Post-quantum cryptography workshop, Birmingham, March 2022.


  • Lattices in cryptography: cryptanalysis, constructions and reductions. Invited talk at Journées Code et Cryptographie 2023, Najac, October 2023. [slides][Lagrange-Gauss animation]
  • Témoignage d'une chercheuse. Journée des nouveaux entrants de l'INSMI, Paris, March 2023. [slides]
  • Cryptography, hard problems and algorithmic number theory. Short talk given during the DOR (dialogue objectifs-ressources) of the lab, Bordeaux, January 2023. [slides]
  • Euclidean lattices in cryptography. Invited talk at the MARGAUx PhD days, Bordeaux, May 2022. [slides][LLL animation]